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The Mulholland Academy is an English language acting studio in Amsterdam known for
its international programs and unique professional training.

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“The words.. just a veneer.
There are truths that lie beneath
the surface of the words.
Truths that rise up without
warning..and then disappear.. create a space where the
creature can break through to
what is real, and what is known
to us..this shimmering space where
imagination and reality intersect,
this is where all love, tears, and
joy exist. This is the place,
this is where we live.”
-Nick Cave, Jubilee Street

Meisner Technique, an Introduction at Mulholland Academy
Our 6 day Summer Intensive. July/August, 2020.
w/Alex Murphy

MK Kalff, Sahar Nouhi, Turku Koksel, Justin Billinger, Ruth Juursma, Isabelle Nelson, and Maria Marica
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Act for Camera.
Combat scenarios on camera.
Keeping it real.
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Once again, Charlie the zone..

Act for Camera
Mulholland Academy
Amsterdam, Netherlands

We've got one more Act for Camera workshop this summer..

Acting for the Camera
Mulholland Academy
Dates: August 4th to August 9th
(a 6 day workshop, Tuesday to Sunday,
Class meets: 12pm - 6pm daily )
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The Mulholland Academy.. a great opportunity for acting. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional. I've learnt so much. I recommend this opportunity to everybody
Alex Lauff
27 Feb 2019
The Mulholland Academy has absolutely changed my life. My experience here, has taught me not just how to be a better actor, but how better to be a human BEING. Which is, in the end, what acting is. It has taught me that acting is not just for the "talented" but, rather, for anyone who can breathe, feel, move...LIVE. And that's simply: everybody! The experience of discovering together the authenticity of ourselves - has produced a community of people from all walks of life and cultures who are deeply bound together as a family. The selfless, unsung heroes of the faculty and staff never ceasing to be teachers, remain our guides throughout our creative lives. MADA is truly a very unique place in the heart of the city. This is a place to discover the true art of Acting, and therefore, of LIFE itself​
Charlie Legaspi Curilan
25 Nov 2018
I've seen many performances by students of Mulholland Academy and Department of Acting and I was always impressed with the results. The program's students and graduates really seemed like actors with years of experience under their belts, and not like people that had been studying acting for only a few months. I thus think it's a wonderful program in terms of what it can help people achieve.
Maria Dicieanu
29 Oct 2018
The finest courses and international teaching in Amsterdam. If you are eager to develop your craft - or if you already work as a professional artist, you'll find your community right here.😉
Mels Tuinman
26 Oct 2018
An amazing academy with very skilled teachers. I couldn’t recommend Mulholland Academy more highly for emerging and professional actors alike. A great place to connect with other international and local performers!
Georgia Clark-Sazhina
24 Oct 2018
I feel fortunate for having performed and studied at the Mulholland Academy. An excellent place for acting & learning., it combines many creative and inner elements. Laughing, enjoying, connecting, focusing, expanding, are just some I've experienced fully! The classes are structured in such a way that they really reduce the stress of being seen by others and an audience. I would fully recommend this school and all of its programs, without any hesitation!
Marianna Constantinidou
22 Oct 2018