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Terms & Conditions

1. Application:

To consider your application we must receive your curriculum vitae, giving your date of birth and postal address, with a letter of motivation. This can be done online in the Application page.

The courses are taught in English, so a basic knowledge of this language is therefore required.

2. Payment:

A registration fee  is required when we accept your application / and paid before the class begins in order to secure your seat in class. This enrollment fee comes off the total fee.

The balance of full payment is to be received  prior to the start of the class.

All prices are posted on the website on our ‘news’ page.

3. Cancellation:

The Academy may cancels a class due to circumstances such as the class does not fill up, or a teacher becomes ill and a suitable replacement teacher is not in place. On these circumstances a full refund will be paid.

4. Refunds: A refund of the full enrollment fee will be given if cancellation is made within 14 days after payment of the enrollment fee. And 14 days before the begin date of class. Once class is up and running, if a students leaves class for another other reason than the academy has cancelled the class… there is no refund, and no credit for another class.

5. Medical: If the participant is on any medication and/or has any kind of medical condition, we must know the details and what prescription they are taking. This is for the safety of the participant and other class participants.

6. Contact: All student information is confidential.

7. Enquires: Emails will be answered within 4 days.

8. Complaints : Must be in written form and will be answered within 4 weeks. If it appears to be a complicated issue, and further inquiry is needed, you will be notified within two weeks. When it appears to take more then two month you will be notified together with a new given term. In the matter of an unresolved issue an independent 3rd party will to be consulted (Ms. Dingwall or Mr. Hersee) whose opinion will be binding in the matter. The resolution will incorporated quickly. The complaint will be confidential and will be dealt with, with great care. All complaints and responses will be documented and saved for five years.

9: Contract : A contract will be sent to students on application to complete, sign, and return by post, agreeing to our terms and conditions.

10. Media: The academy owns copyright, for all – course material, images, and media filmed during the courses. 

11. Information on class schedules :

Dates and times are updated two – three  months before a class begins… details of venue, one month before class begins.

Students can follow all classes, or take a stand-alone class. All classes are designed to prepare the actor for pre-professional and professional work. We aim to create excellent actors for the International acting arena.

We work progressively throughout the year. Each course works toward getting the actor prepared for the next class till we are at production level for theatre and film work.

Our students are multicultural and have had some form of acting experience.

Please note: There are no exams with these classes but there is a lot of homework. Be prepared to work out of class for each module at least 3 – 4 hours a week (line learning, research, reading material). If you are working with a scene partner, add another 3 hrs . This is a practice-based education.

Thank you.

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