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Advanced Technique

Our seasonal Advanced Technique studio classes

For 20 years Mulholland Academy has been the go-to studio for access to advanced study for acting technique in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We offer, at Introduction, Advanced, and MasterClass levels: Meisner Technique, Emotional Authenticity, Lecoq Technique, Stanislavsky, ReFocus Method, Voice, Fusion Technique with Scene Study/Play Production live performances, Strasberg Method Masterclasses, and Acting for the Camera. These studio classes are available for any English-speaking actor that is suited to the level and fully ready and willing for serious weekly study. Actors for studio classes may drop into a single class cycle (6 to 8 weeks) or any workshop at any time of the year if it fits their personal schedules.


Foundational and Beginner

Our seasonal Foundational and Beginner studio classes

Click on here and view the Academy’s Foundational Acting class series for students wanting to start to make a more serious, steady, weekly commitment toward gaining a practical, skilled technique for stage, and/or for acting for the camera. You learn by doing. *Additionally, throughout the season, we offer weekly classes for the Absolute Beginner actor – creatives taking that first step to get started with an active and very user-friendly class. You’ll experience what it is, practically, that actors actually do to “play the scene.”

One-year Diploma

Our One-year Acting
Diploma Programmes

For a full “diploma” act program commitment we offer two separate, one-year, Diploma Acting Programs:

The Professional Acting Diploma Program.
For the more advanced actor applicants, we audition, interview. and then cast 6 to 8 core full time students for our one-year (September to June), English-speaking, full-time training.

International Foundational Acting Diploma Program.

This diploma program is for actors, at the beginning, with a strong desire to start training seriously and steadily for a full season of classes (September to June).

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