Mulholland Academy

The Meisner Technique

Meisner Technique 2, Advanced Meisner Technique.

with Alex Murphy.

Meisner Technique is now gaining a solid and unstoppable foothold into many of the best European actor training centers.

In this Advanced workshop you will revisit and drill the core Meisner repetition exercises in the first few weeks. Very quickly and thoroughly, students will take on the dynamics of the “knock at the door”/ independent activity” repetition improvisations. For several weeks, with these signature exercises we begin locking in the notions of “living truthfully” moment by moment, and then deepening the repetition technique to begin applying it to complex “given circumstances.” In this advanced cycle we also move to fully applying the technique to carefully chosen written text to be used in exercises and rehearsal.

Layered in carefully to the exercise rotation, additionally, we will counterbalance the Meisner repetition work with acting technique exercises that begin to address and exercise the actor responsibility to interpret the “original intention” of the text – these exercises based in classic Stanislavski, Stella Adler, and Practical Aesthetics techniques addressing script analysis and essential character development. 

Each actor in this advanced class will be assigned a scene and a partner. Actors will be expected to work the repetition exercises and rehearse their scene material outside of class hours.

At the end of our sessions, we will conduct a live presentation of the scenes that have been assigned for an invited audience.

Dates: Saturdays – January 23rd to March 20th, 2021.

(9 weeks)

Times: 2pm to 7pm (5 hours).

Maximum Students: 12

*Actors must have an introductory level of Meisner training to join this class.

Fee: €675.

“You’re always playing yourself. It’s all autobiography, whatever you’re doing. It’s using them as a kind of prism through which to throw something real about yourself, or something relaxed at least. Because the last thing you want is to look like you’re acting.” Tilda Swinton

Teacher: Alex Murphy


This class will be taught by Alex Murphy. As an actor, Alex has performed in film and television in the US, Europe, and in Asia. He has performed in over 40 plays in the US, Europe, and Asia – much of his work in the Off-Off Broadway circuit in New York City. Alex is a lifetime member of New York City’s prestigious ENSEMBLE STUDIO THEATRE. Alex held the post of Senior Mentor during a near 10 year tenure for the full-time act program at the International Academy of Film and Television in Asia. He also developed and implemented this program in Belgium, at IAFT Antwerp. He has guest lectured at Film Act Paris in France, FAAAM, here in Amsterdam, Teaterhøgskolen i Nord-Trøndelag in Norway, Hakuna Academy in Antwerp, The UP Film Institute at University of the Philippines in Manila, and, as a Featured Lecturer at the And/Action Festival in Steinkjer, Norway for three seasons.

Alex has taught at Mulholland Academy for several years and has served as the Academy’s Program designer, One-year Diploma Course Coordinator, and as Creative Director. Read more about Alex Murphy.