Anna Anning

Anna Anning Anna graduated with a degree in Film & Theatre Studies from her native New Zealand and has spent the last 15 years nurturing her performance skills in Sydney, Vancouver, London, and Amsterdam. Passionate about the theatre, Anna has been involved in several productions locally for Downstage Left, InPlayers, and Strike Me Pink Productions.

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Domenico Gemoli

Domenico Gemoli Dom was born in a boring place called Swindon but spent most of his life in Italy. He first discovered his passion for the performing arts there, studying theatre and commedia dell’arte at the CRF Firenze. Shortly after moving to Amsterdam, he met improv. His perfectionist inner critic was forced to take a

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Maria Marica

Maria Marica Maria has been trained in the Stanislavsky method, Lecoq Technique, Meisner Technique, Fusion Technique, and, Practical Aesthetics. She is a graduate of Mulholland Academy’s One Year Diploma Acting Program. Maria recently played a lead role in the American one-act classic, Lou Gehrig Did Not Die of Cancer at gogoHeart Film and Stage here

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