Masterclass ReFocusMethod 

with Tony Grahn 


“I found Tony’s Masterclass…invigorating, inspiring and incredibly freeing…”

“…Total game changer for me…”

“Tony shows you the way to your own artistic truth, in a direct and straight forward manner. I walked out of his workshop with a rekindled passion for acting. Thank you Tony”

You will discover how easy it is to create an authentic character, deliver lines as the truth, feeling free and being absolute believable for the camera.

You will learn how to let go of your thinking and self-judgments, discover something beyond your own control and personal blockages.

You will develop the trust and courage to stay in the moment to experience more joy and freedom in your acting. Getting out of your head and in to the present!

Day 1.
After a short theoretical introduction over the method we will work with powerful and yet simple relaxation exercises. This to create a strong awareness of the tensions in the body, your personal tics and physical habits. As well you will find out how to let go of them when needed.

After having experienced the power of this body awareness you will learn how to direct your attention (focus) on specific things in a scene.

The result of this is a strong and solid presence, and thus deliver text and movement authentic, organic and fully believable.

At the end of day 1 we will to work with these skills in short scenes/situations.

Day 2.
After a short recap from day 1 we will work with exercises to learn to access and deliver strong and dynamic emotions using tensions and breathing. In the afternoon we will begin to work in front of the camera. We will explore the subtle work of the facial muscles in a close up, as well what the character choose to focus on in the scene. We will also explore the motivation as the driving force for the character.

Day 3.
Shooting day. We will work with the scenes in front of camera.

This masterclass will be in English. Scenes can be in either English or Dutch language.

More info and testimonials:

Pay the Registration Fee to secure a place on the course.
Pay the Final Fee before the Course begins.

N.B. Don’t pay for the Course until  you have been accepted!

Masterclass ReFocusMethod with Tony Grahn

Dates: Monday December 19 – Wednesday December 21.
Sessions: 3
Times:10am – 5pm. 
Location: WG Plein.

Registration fee: €200.
Final fee: €250.
Total fee: €450.


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