Improv an Introduction

with Domenico Gemoli

Improv - an introduction

Our weekly class of the fundamentals of improvisation jumps right into a steady round of improv exercises and role play.

Step by step, all this is designed to lead you to interact playfully, to virtually anybody who is up for it, performing moment by moment improvisationally -with growing abandon when and wherever we can get it. With glee!

Improvisation mentor Domenico Gemoli will lead you though the classic techniques that are the standard by all talented improvisors from beginning to advanced on the world-wide impro scene.
Learn by doing, while having fun.

“In improv there are no mistakes, only beautiful happy accidents. And many of the world’s greatest discoveries have been made by accident.” – Tina Fey

Pay the Registration Fee to secure a place on the course.
Pay the Final Fee before the Course begins.

N.B. Don’t pay for the Course until  you have been accepted!


Tutor: Dom Gemoli

Dom Gemoli was born in a boring place called Swindon but spent most of his life in Italy. He first discovered his passion for the performing arts there, studying theatre and commedia dell’arte at the CRF Firenze. Shortly after moving to Amsterdam, he met improv. His perfectionist inner critic was forced to take a back seat while he let his inner child run amok; it was love at first “yes and.” Since then, he’s been actively involved in Amsterdam’s improv, stand-up comedy, and (musical) theatre scene. He is also a regular cast member of the improv comedy group easylaughs. Dom is getting ready to play at The Amsterdam Fringe Festival in the original work, WHAT HAPPENED TO MARK?

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