Voice & Speech in ACTION Workshop

Voice & Speech in ACTION Workshop

Voice & Speech in ACTION Workshop

Ever wondered:

Do I have an accent? Can I learn another dialect? Do others hate how I sound?  Why am I terrified to speak in public? Or, OMG, sing in front of someone else?

Whatever language you speak, your voice is not just the sounds you make. When you speak, your voice is produced by everything within you. Everything you love, feel, and think is expressed in speech, actions, and gestures.

How you make and shape sounds: synchronizing, harmonizing, vibrating, or simply resounding, as resonance, seems to have an integral relationship with our consciousness itself. You developed marvellously from one cell into the 40-70 trillion cells that you embody today.

Discover your unique voice in a fun and playful way. Connecting with your levels of breath; tuning in to how and where you resonate; fully expressing your intentions; which all makes you a better communicator.

5 pressing reasons to follow this 1-day, 5-hour workshop:

1. Improving Communication Skills: Learning and focusing on being clear, projecting into space, and modulating in all situations

2. Building Confidence: Engaging in exercises and techniques boosting self-assurance in your voice.

3. Developing Vocal Technique: Enhancing your vocal health and performance as an actor or presenter through understanding how much or how little effort you require to be heard.

4. Exploring Artistic Expression: Expanding your range and versatility as a performer, and unlocking new dimensions of artistic expression. This is as much gestural as spoken.

5. Stress Relief and Relaxation: Releasing tension, reducing anxiety, and promoting overall well-being through breathing, vocalizations, and mindfulness practices.

Tutor: William Sutton


William Sutton acted and acts in theatres, in film and TV, on green screen, on location, for seminars, through corporate role-plays, at readings, upon diverse improv & comedy podia, gives Sonnet workshops in schools and universities, and even directed a one-act play. He is a theatre animal and a dedicated self-study student, always circling the ideas incorporating what it takes to give a good performance, whether improvised or rehearsed.

He mastered Shakespearean English by learning and memorizing all the Sonnets of Shakespeare. Sutton attended the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford on Avon to quench his desire to learn more. He joined the Passion in Practice ensemble of Ben Crystal in 2010 and toured with them until 2018. His passion for Shakespeare has only grown over the 30+ years studying and working with his words. By extension any other writer worth their salt.

He also loves the study of accents and dialects; and uses the International Phonetic Alphabet where necessary. Writers write and actors interpret and resurrect what they write. The connecting factor is words in ink becoming puffs of sound and air in speech. There’s where the adventure begins.

His classes can be bitter, salty, sweet, sour, or savoury. Something for every ones taste. Umami, don’t believe me, ask around.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your voice and unlock its full potential! Join us for a day of discovery, growth, and empowerment in Voice & Speech in ACTION Workshop. Let your voice be heard!

Voice & Speech in ACTION Workshop

Dates: Sunday March 17, 2024.
Times: 1pm – 6pm
Fee: €100

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