Screen Acting Gym

with Peter Feeney.

You can pick up a copy of Peters book at A good bit of Peters methodology and technique work is right there in his book. “This is a fine act book, and even if you never got the chance to meet Peter, you’d walk away richer-in a practical, playable way- just for having read it.” Alex Murphy, Mulholland Program Dir.

Acting Gym is a collaborative, fun, dynamic, powerful and irreverent work out using the Scene alignment technique. This popular and simple technique weaponizes participation, bringing the intelligence of the whole group to the work: the hive mind.

Find out how much you know about acting (you’ll be surprised), AND learn:

  • How to run your own peer led scene group.
  • How to take direction and turn your performance on a dime.
  • How a scene can be REALLY different, take to take/ run to run – but just as good: bake irreverence into your work.
  • How much you know about good acting – explore your directing skills and set yourself up for future collaborations and creating your own work.
  • How to run your own peer led scene group – in New Zealand Peter has set up with the Actors Union Equity a plethora of such groups. They sustain actors and help keep them in the game.


The term will start with 2 Acting Gym sessions (no camera) to gel the group to arouse everyone’s curiosity, engagement and collaboration.

Then we’ll introduce Camera for 2 sessions for learning purposes: we’ll use some group feedback and some direction hijacks from Peter. Footage will be recorded and sent to you.

We’ll find out what you know and grow your screen acting tool kit by introducing camera specific techniques, such as vista, camera eye, external and internal landscape, and more.

The term will start with several Acting Gym sessions to gel the group and arouse everyone’s curiosity, engagement and collaboration.

In the final 3 sessions we’ll introduce show reel standard camera and operator, but still keep a sense of play, and get you some quality showcase footage you can take away with you.

Our focus in these classes in your screen performance is on how you can be unselfconscious and free in the moment, while still serving the writer’s intention.

Sometimes (when the work requires) we’ll ramp things up with physical and vocal exercises.

Most sessions have camera.

You’ll do a new scene every session.

Tutor Peter Feeney

Peter Feeney has been a professional actor since 1994, working in UK, US, Australian and NZ Theatre, TV & Film. He runs his own Auckland Screen Acting school, the Actors Lab Studio, and is a guest teacher at Drama schools and for organisations such as MEAA, NZ Equity and SDGNZ. Peter is also a published author and has written numerous articles and several screenplays and books. His handbook on acting, ‘Acting and How to Survive it,’ was published in 2020 to great acclaim.
He’s recently been casted for a feature film with among others Amy Adams, Jenny Ortega and Cilliam Murphy’s son.

Pay the Registration Fee to secure a place on the course.
Pay the Final Fee before the Course begins.

N.B. Don’t pay for the Course until  you have been accepted!

Screen Acting Gym 

Dates: Monday May 6 – June 17, 2024.
Tuesday May 7 – June 18, 2024.
Duration: 7 weeks.
Times: 6pm– 10pm (4 hours)
Fee: €595
Registration Fee: €200 Final Fee: €395

To get the most out of this class, please order Peter’s book

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