Where it all begins and ends, the screen test is really a test of your acting, under conditions of unique pressure. Learn how to bring your skill with a sense of play and freedom to bear against that pressure. Using Peter’s relevant chapters as a guide, he’ll show you how to bring a choice into the room that is true to your own flavour, the intentions of the writer and – maybe – something the auditioners haven’t thought of or seen.

Participants will be given audition scenes to prepare. For some sessions these will be different, but for some, multiple actors will be given the same scene/ character. We’ll then be able to explore how each individual actor’s unique flavour brings something different to the character, and how we can change our offer based on adjusting our choices. We’ll discuss who we would cast in the role, and why. Actors will comment on other actors’ flavour and brand, giving all an insight into the niche that they may fill in their professional career.

We’ll revisit what you know and add in more technique.

Self-Tapes – 2 sessions

Self-taping is a skill that all actors must master in today’s global casting place. We’ll cast you in self-tape scenes to film at home (your mobile phone is fine to do this). Then we’ll watch these in class. This is viewing your work under a microscope – challenging but really rewarding stuff! We’ll hone your screen work in these sessions and discuss the particular techniques that can lift both your self-tape and screen acting outcomes.

Over these sessions we will cover:

  • Technique – how to prep, getting inside the head of the writer (knowing story points/ what show you’re in/ doing your research), how to learn lines by heart, not by head.
  • Presentation – hair, make up, costume, demeanour.
  • Performance – making friends with the room, nerves and the head game, making your offer, connecting to the reader, taking direction.
  • TVC, Drama and the art of the ID

Show-Reel 3 sessions

Here we put it all together and film three scenes or monologues for you to take away using a show reel standard camera and operator

All sessions have camera

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