Foundations of Acting Technique 

with Anna Anning.

Foundations of Acting Technique

This is an acting class to introduce and exercise the fundamental techniques of the craft of acting. Students will be taken through the foundational building blocks of acting technique pursued by acting students in the best acting schools and studios across the globe.

Using vocal and physical warm up, improvisation, and then testing the basic technique waters; we’ll give you a look at how purposeful acting happens, and give you ways to play with these notions.

This class is for actors who want to begin to commit to understanding, experientially, what it means to work at becoming a skilled actor. The class can also serve the advanced beginner by reworking, through exercises, the technique notions that will keep you in shape to “play the scene.”

Students in this class will work on short assigned monologues, and some short scene material with partners. We will work towards some final presentation of stage and or film script.

The class will is devised to be loose, playful but purposeful, and primarily, to just get up and give acting a good go.

Pay the Registration Fee to secure a place on the course.
Pay the Final Fee before the Course begins.

N.B. Don’t pay for the Course until  you have been accepted!

Foundations of Acting Technique with Anna Anning

Dates:  January 27 to March 9. 
7 sessions.
Day: Saturdays
Times:  3:30pm to 6:30pm
Location: WG Plein/Studio 159.  
Fee: € €395
Registration Fee: €200. Final Fee: €195
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