PRO PERFORMANCE Professional Acting Program

The Two Year, Part Time, Pro Performance Professional Diploma Programme

..the essence of this programme..

Our Two Year, Part Time, PRO PERFORMANCE
Professional Acting Program is designed to enhance and refine your ability to be ready and able to work professionally for the stage and for the camera.

This program is designed particularly to provide candidates with a means to complete a professional level actor training program over a two year period (or more, if needed) while also maintaining must-do part-time or full time employment. You can do both, and the Mulholland Studio is dedicated to keeping this option open to actors who simply cannot commit to a full-time professional level diploma program over an extended period of time.
There is a long history of successful and legendary actors who have acquired professional level actor training exclusively in a private studio program such as ours. Our aim is to continue to offer the opportunity to grow as a performer, learn how to hang on to that growth, and then stay connected to the realities of the “industry” so that you are ready, in your own time and space, to work professionally.

During our training season, in addition to pure technique work in several disciplines, we also rehearse lots of stage and film text for presentation. Additional, periodically, we rehearse and fully prepare some resume building, published performance work for the stage, inviting a live audience. Significantly, there is lots of on-camera scene and monologue preparation to shoot for the eventual and absolute necessity of compiling a “Showreel” to industry standard.

The Essential, core classes for the PRO PERFORMANCE
Professional Acting Program are as follows:

Meisner Technique (Level I, II, and MasterClass)
Lecoq Technique (Level I, II)
Acting for the Camera (Level I, II, III)
Fusion Technique/Short Play Production for a live audience
Devised Theatre Performance project for a live audience
Scene Study Advanced

Improvisation for Actors

Voice/Speech (Level I, II)

Strasberg Method (Level I, II, and Master Class)
 Shakespeare (Level I, II)

ReFocus Method (Level I, II)

There may be at least 2 guest teachers during training
season offering alternative disciplines/approaches. This is TBA.

Entry requirements:
-The Pro Performance Professional Acting Program is
partially comprised of candidates who have successfully completed our International Foundational Diploma program; these candidates must then interview successfully for us to determine suitability for this advanced professional program.

The Part Time, Two Year Pro Performance Professional
Acting Program will also consider admitting applicants with previous exposure to actor training from other institutions, and who demonstrate —in our estimation— raw talent, and then a full willingness and capability to follow the advanced level course of study we set out for them- two times weekly through the year for duration of their program.
We can, and will in some cases, adjust the time frame for diploma completion for exceptionally suitable Pro
Performance “Part Time,Two Year” candidates. We
understand, and program experience has shown, that for actors who wish to fulfill a professional level acting program, if they are truly open-minded, curious, emotionally intelligent, have an exceptional ability to focus, and then are very very willing and able to collaborate with their co-actors – such are the foundations of talent, and we know that we can do a lot
with such candidates.

Finally, our primary, singular goal in the “Part Time, Two
Year” professional diploma program is, simply, to train our actors as holistically as possible to be ready and able to work in the local and international professional English speaking film, television, and theatre industry. Therefore, it is essential for candidates to have a viable command of conversational English for the Professional Diploma program.

Two Year, Part Time, Pro Performance Professional Diploma Programme

..the FAQ’s..

Tuition fees € TBA

*Note: this Professional program is specifically designed to allow training actors to carry on with employment activity and/or university study. 
*And, our program operates on a “pay as you go” basis. All Diploma students pay tuition in 5 installments over 5 terms during the training season — which means 5 set payments throughout the season. 

Application Procedure
The PRO PERFORMANCE Professional Acting Program
A Two Year, Part-Time, Professional Actor Training

-Candidates from the Mulholland International Foundational Diploma Program may be given an invitation to apply to this program. Such candidates must formally apply via the Application page for this program–such applicants should note that they are applying formally for the Part Time, Two Year, Pro Performance Professional Acting Program. For these graduates of the Mulholland International Foundational Diploma Program–other than a thorough, candid “motivation letter,” no further information is required in this application process. However, applicants must make themselves available for a final interview. Based on the interview, on a case by case basis, consideration of suitability for the program and then a final offer to join may be made should school directors and mentor/teachers, in review, feel that the applicant would be a good addition to the select group to go forward in this program. 

Note: We will also consider some actor candidates for The Part Time, Two Year, Pro Performance Professional Acting Program who have had only periodic, select studio classes at Mulholland, or even, have had training elsewhere and who may be willing to work with us to adjust the dimensions and duration of their journey through the Two-Year, Part-time, Professional Actor Training program. Such candidates must submit an actors CV, be available for at least two interviews, and significantly, such applicants must submit 2 separate one minute audition self-tapes for review. 

-All candidates from any background will simply fill out a Mulholland application form stating clearly your previous experience with us, or your training experience elsewhere, and most importantly here, filling in your motivation for wanting to pursue the PRO PERFORMANCE Professional Acting Program – Two- Year, Part-Time, Professional Actor Training.

-No later than June 1st of this year, candidates will be informed that either,
A) you will be offered a place in program to begin in September
B) that you are qualified, but as all seats are taken, we can only place you on a waiting list
C) that we will not be able to offer you a place in the program at this time.

-The Two Year, Part Tim PRO PERFORMANCE Professional Acting Program will admit a maximum of 9 actors to the program.

-If you’re selected into next September’s PRO PERFORMANCE Professional Acting Program, you will be asked to confirm your commitment by depositing the first of five of your yearly fee payments no later than May 15th. The “deposit” serves as a deposit and as your first of five seasonal payments to proceed in the diploma program.
Should you somehow decide not to come after acceptance, then we will refund the deposit in full, provided that you let us know by June 15th.

-Classes for The Pro Performance Professional Acting Program will be conducted 2 times weekly. Any class conducted Monday through Friday night will almost always be 6pm to 10pm. Some classes for this program may be conducted on a Saturday, or a Sunday, daytime to early evening slot (on Saturday or Sunday, classes rarely go past 7/8pm)
We will provide a schedule to all as soon as we can, but, we may need June 15th-July 15th to have the main schedules in place.
It doesn’t happen much, but, Mulholland Academy will reserve the right to adjust the class schedules given out at start of your program. We will of course attempt to give as much advanced notice as possible of any change.

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