acting for the camera


Acting for the Camera

In todays film world, you never want to be caught “acting.” The goal, always, when the camera rolls – you must get an audience to believe “you are who you say you are.”

Our six days together will take, as its primary goal, the great and perhaps the most useful notion in “on-camera” work: of building a “new version of me” for each and every second that the camera rolls. “Personalization” of any and all role playing on-camera is the technique notion of our time, and we will go after that. It is the demand made by all the best film work today.


Acting for the camera

Meisner Technique: An Introduction. Summer School 2021. Dates: Tuesday 29th June – Sunday 4th July. Our six day Summer Meisner Intensive will leap into the “repetition exercises” set out by Sanford Meisner himself, and the late William Esper, arguably the finest teacher ever of Meisner’s technique.

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