Mulholland Academy


Shooting a Monologue for Showreel

With Alex Murphy

*This workshop will observe workable social distance for the shooting exercises.

The Goal
The monologue work is to keep actors exercised with performance challenge, and to come away from the shoot with potential showreel material.

This workshop is designed to exercise the energy, the technique, and the art of making clear choices that are relaxed, specific, and emotionally intelligent. “…precise, well read, and very relaxed.”

Phase I

Work begins on-line with Alex Murphy from May 10th.

Once students are signed the workshop, via email students will schedule their on-line appointments for script analysis and work throughs with Alex Murphy.

Each actor will book two, one-on-one, 90 minute sessions on skype with Alex to prepare for shooting.

If actors wish, Alex Murphy can also set up in-person appointments in May instead of the online.

Phase II

Shoot day for the monologue: Tuesday, June 9th.

Actors can do two 1 minute monologues on camera, or, work to just shoot one, single, longer monologue. 

You arrive to shoot on a simple set, w/ lights, /the cinematographer and the director/mentor.

Each actor will be precisely scheduled for a shooting time. We’ll ask you to arrive a bit early to prepare.                     

Each actor will have a scheduled 50 minutes of takes and re-takes with their memorized monologue.

Actors will receive the footage from the shoot within hours. 

All takes of your shoot will be shared on link to you with a high quality image.

Both beginning and advanced actors can sign on to this workshop.

Workshop dates:

Starting May 10th on-line.

Shooting: Tuesday June 9th.

Fee for the workshop: €210

Maximum: 8 actors

For booking, actors must email BOTH emails (or email one and copy in the other) And you can apply for the class with the Apply for Class button.


Teacher: Alex Murphy

Alex-MurphyThis class is taught by Alex Murphy, an American actor, director and teacher. Alex appeared in the Canal +  films for lead and supporting roles:  Kiler, Mlode Wilki- Parts 1 and 2, and in a recurring role on the eastern European primetime series, Suckces. He has done over 40 plays, most of them in New York City’s Off, and Off-Off Broadway theatre scene. Alex has worked with actors in the USA, Asia and Europe for a number of years. He has guest lectured at Film Act Paris in France, Teaterhøgskolen i Nord-Trøndelag in Norway, Hakuna Academy in Antwerp, and the International Academy of Film and Television in Antwerp, Belgium, The UP Film Institute at University of the Philippines in Manila, and an And/Action Festival featured mentor in Steinkjer, Norway.   Read more about Alex Murphy.