Singers Performance Workshop

with Sabine Pendry


Singers Performance Workshop

with Sabine Pendry

8 weeks. Each week 4 hours per session. Enrollment is strictly limited to 8 students.

This weekly workshop is for anyone interested in improving their singing voice and honing their all-around performance skills. Actors who wish to sing, Singers looking to act, and everyone in between!

The ability to read music is not required! Students need not be trained singers, but must be able to “carry a tune.” All applicants must submit at least a 60 second self-tape (audio OR video), singing an acapella song of your choice, as well as a small text introducing yourself (who you are, what you hope to get out of the course, etc.)

The emphasis of the workshop is on introducing students to the many techniques they can use to develop their individual singing voice, while also giving them a chance to sharpen their performance and improvisation instincts. Students will dive right in and get a taste of the Voice as a musical and theatrical tool – with singing technique, acting technique, improvisation exercises, and musical-awareness exercises. We will work very closely as a group.

In each session we will incorporate the following elements.
Vocal technique: We work to train and develop the ideal voice and sound, with a focus on healthy, sustainable singing technique: breath support, posture, vowels, and resonance. How does the voice work? How can I make it stronger, more flexible? Students will learn technical exercises and put them into practice singing solo songs as well as group vocal pieces.

Musical + theatrical awareness: Here we combine singing, acting, and movement, using Improv-based exercises. Students will learn to follow their musical and dramatic impulses. The focus of the exercises ranges from listening, group awareness, and musical intuition to theatricality and physicality. How does my voice fit in with other voices? How do we use body and expression while singing? How does adding music change or enhance a scene?

Work-in progress rehearsals where we put our training to work, and build toward a small ‘trial’ performance. Each student will have the chance to sing, act, and improvise – both as a group and solo – initially for their fellow students, and eventually, for an invited audience.

Rehearsals and a Final Performance: We’ll build toward an end presentation, featuring acapella vocal pieces combined with scenes and monologues. Selections for the performance will consist of existing material (songs, scenes) as well as material devised by the students during the Improvisation exercises, and directed by Sabine Pendry.

Pay the Registration Fee to secure a place on the course.
Pay the Final Fee before the Course begins.

N.B. Don’t pay for the Course until  you have been accepted!

Autumn 2022. The Singers Performance Workshop

Dates: Sunday October 16 – December 11 (no class on October 23).
8 weeks.
Times: 4pm – 8pm  (4 hours). 
Maximum class size: 10.
Location: WG Plein

Fee: €390
Registration Fee: €200 Final Fee: €190.

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