Here we work on scenes and characters from plays and films that Peter Feeney has acted in, and/ or written or directed – such as Blind Bitter Happiness (TV, watch on, Black Sheep (Film) and Milo’s Wake (theatre). We will bring relevant tools to bear like keywording, expectations, second track, scene actions and given circumstances. Our character work will cover the lists, animal work, observation, talking the character, solo work, physical work and group character improvisations.

You’ll also learn a new emotional language; how to bring your personal emotional world to the work and utilise your nervous energy and doubt. We’ll delve into how the character’s outer action/ behaviour/ strategy/ feeling relates to their actual inner emotion. We’ll use physical and vocal exercises to get actors out of their heads and into their body, imagination and voice.

The 3rd to final session will be Show-reel – using a show reel standard camera and operator to scenes or monologues for you to take away. The 2nd to final session will be a rehearsal for the final class.

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