It’s nerve wracking to be watched. It’s always you up there. But every role you play has not been written specifically for you. The audience don’t see you. They see a character. Understanding how to create a character can free you from self-consciousness and free your acting.

This course is all about pushing beyond your conception of what you can do, powering beyond boundaries, discovering how big you can go to end up finding your specific, subtle, acting sweet spot. It’s all very challenging, and very rewarding. You’ll surprise yourself!

We’ll start with several sessions of Acting Gym to build group trust, with intensive warmups and scene work.

Then, working on monologues of your own choice and some scenes from classic plays and films, we’ll find what freedom in acting means for you with vocal, mask and physical exercises to activate your voice, body and imagination into the written word.

We will use character masks in some sessions.


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