Mulholland Academy

The One-year Diploma Acting Programme

The One-year Diploma One-year-diploma 2021Acting Programme.

Amsterdam, Holland. 2021/2022

In our fully English speaking, full-time  program, the essential acting techniques offered throughout the year by an international staff of mentors are: Meisner Technique, Strasberg Method, Comedy Workshop with Improvisation, Lecoq Method, Acting for the Camera, Cultivating Your Actor’s Voice, and The Foundations of Acting.

There are Act for Camera classes to collect footage and build your showreel, and lots of live studio/stage performance – with world class contemporary text played for invited audiences. You will be in class at least 3 sessions per week.  Actors must be prepared to rehearse with partners for performance projects outside of class hours.

*The ability to collaborate and work well within a unit is absolutely key.

The Mulholland Academy provides the programme, the class venues, class materials, and the International mentors with world class teaching backgrounds.

School year: September 2021 to June 2022. Summer sessions optional.

Acceptance is subject to applicants submitting two contrasting “self-taped” monologues (60-90 seconds), a “letter of intent” for your one -year goals; please list any advanced academic education, and any previous actor training. We look forward to you, as best you can, telling us about yourself. All candidates must schedule an on-line or in-person interview.

Applicants must be at least 18.
Students are required to manage their own housing.
International students must obtain their own visa accommodation. 

*A One-year Acting Programme “Diploma of Completion” is granted at the programme’s conclusion in June 2022.

If you wish to apply, or have questions, please email us.

September 2021 to June 2022.


Teacher: Alex Murphy


This class will be taught by Alex Murphy. As an actor, Alex has performed in film and television in the US, Europe, and in Asia. He has performed in over 40 plays in the US, Europe, and Asia – much of his work in the Off-Off Broadway circuit in New York City. Alex is a lifetime member of New York City’s prestigious ENSEMBLE STUDIO THEATRE. Alex held the post of Senior Mentor during a near 10 year tenure for the full-time act program at the International Academy of Film and Television in Asia. He also developed and implemented this program in Belgium, at IAFT Antwerp. He has guest lectured at Film Act Paris in France, FAAAM, here in Amsterdam, Teaterhøgskolen i Nord-Trøndelag in Norway, Hakuna Academy in Antwerp, The UP Film Institute at University of the Philippines in Manila, and, as a Featured Lecturer at the And/Action Festival in Steinkjer, Norway for three seasons.

Alex has taught at Mulholland Academy for several years and has served as the Academy’s Program designer, One-year Diploma Course Coordinator, and as Creative Director. Read more about Alex Murphy.