Meisner Masterclass
– Advanced Meisner technique practice

with Alex Murphy.


“Your acting will not be good until it is only yours. That’s true of music, acting, anything creative. You work until finally nobody is acting like you.”  -Sanford Meisner

Meisner Masterclass

All actors for Meisner Masterclass must have previously followed Meisner training through the “Independent Activity/Knock at the door” improvisations phase for a minimum of 6 to 8 full workshops sessions.

Weekly, in the Meisner masterClass with Alex Murphy, we’ll warm up by returning to full on Repetition practice as a ballet dancer returns to the dance bar- working for honest moment by moment impulse as habit, the very basis for flow in all other exercises.

We’ll briefly jump back into Indie Activity/Knock at Door improvisations, using this recap to stress deep dive specificity with “Preparation/Daydream” practice as a preface to all exercises. 

We will engage various signature stages of the Meisner “Knock at the Door/Independent Activity” improvisations leading ultimately to sessions working with the advanced architecture of the “relationship” and “domestic exercise” improvisations.

There will be scene text assigned to all actors to prepare, rehearse and exercise with, getting it ready to be shot on camera near the end of our 7 week cycle. Actors will work on the scene materials with Alex-though, additionally, each pair of actors will be urged to rehearse on their own as well.     

On our final day, we’ll do a staged presentation of the assigned scenes for an invited audience. 

*For Professional Diploma Students only

Sold out/All seats Taken

This class will be taught by Alex Murphy who began his training with Meisner Technique at Obie Award winning Ensemble Studio Theatre in New York City. As an actor Alex has performed on film in the US, Europe, and in Asia. He has performed in over 40 plays in Asia, Europe, and the US-many in the Off-off Broadway circuit in New York City. Alex’s first lead role was in the feature film MADMAN in New York City. Murphy’s work in film and television in the U.S. includes ONE LIFE TO LIVE, ALL MY CHILDREN, MADMAN and GUTS ( Best Short Film at Athens Film Festival). His European films include KILER, MLODE WILKI, MLODE WILKI ½, SUKCES (one season, prime-time TV series), and Russian/Polish/German feature film, AWKWARIUM. In Asia, Alex completed lead acting work on the short film RIVERSIDE, directed by Darwin Buschman and shot by Odie Flores (Kinatay, Serbis-Palme D’or nominees). In 2014, Alex was nominated for “Best Actor” at the Sinulog film festival in Cebu, Philippines, for PADULONG PINUY-ANAN. In 2022, in Amsterdam , Alex filmed a lead role in Beek Groot’s Entertain Me. During summer 2023, in Amsterdam at wonderHouseBoutique theatre, Alex directed and lead acted in the Broadway hit, SEMINAR ,by Theresa Rebeck. Alex will revive his role in Seminar at BadHuis Theater in Amsterdam, in November, 2023

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Pay the Final Fee before the Course begins.

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Meisner Masterclass
– Advanced Meisner technique practice 

Dates: Sunday, March 17 – April 28 2024.
7 weeks.
Times: 1pm– 5pm (4 hours)
Location: WG Plein

Fee: €595
Class Deposit: €200 Final Fee: €395.

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