Mulholland Academy


The Foundations of Acting

with an introduction to working on-camera

with Alex Murphy.

The Foundations of Acting with an Introduction to working on-Camera is offered during Semesters I, II, and III. Each class remains at beginner level, though the class changes each time so that a student may take Foundations of Acting with an Introduction to Acting on Camera continuously through the 2020/2021 season.

Our Foundations class is an acting class for those who wish to gain some sense of what it takes to act and act well.  The weekly meetings are to introduce and exercise the curious in a steady, focused approach, all while gaining a sense of how to handle yourself in performance, and coming to understand, experientially, what it means to be skilled as an actor.

You’ll learn by doing.

Students will be introduced to the foundational building blocks of acting technique pursued by all serious acting students in the best acting schools and performance studios across the globe.

The class gets you up and working gently, going at it as all actors do- with improvisations, role play, and some work with scripts. This class is designed to to explore the human experience and then begin to merge that understanding into skilled, playable story and character work. Imaginatively, we’ll ease you into the exercises to slowly give you the confidence to step up and “play a scene.”

An added bonus is that the technique exercises are designed and will be played in some classes for the camera. Thus, additionally, we’ll also introduce you to basic “on-camera” actor technique. There is a significant difference between stage work and camera work, and we will give you the proper perspective, letting you have a go at the on-camera experience early on, and then begin to get you more comfortable getting up in front of people.

Students in this class will be assigned  a monologue, and some short scene material, with a partner, to memorize and present for each other in class.

Dates: Tuesdays, Jan 26th to March 16th 2021.

(8 weeks)

Times: 7pm – 10pm  (3 hours)

This is a beginning level class.

Maximum class size: 9 students.

Fee: €480. 

Teacher: Alex Murphy


This class will be taught by Alex Murphy. As an actor Alex has performed in film and Television in the US, Europe, and in Asia. He has performed in over 40 plays in Asia, Europe, and the US-many in the Off-off Broadway circuit in New York City. Alex was the Sr Mentor for for 10 years for the full-time act program at the International Academy of Film and Television in Asia, and developed and implemented that program in Belgium, at IAFT Antwerp. Alex has taught at Film Act Paris, at Hakuna Academy in Belgium, and farm in Amsterdam.