Mulholland Academy

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1. I am interested in the school but was wondering if it is possible to come and join a class before deciding?

Regarding visiting classes, it is complicated since the classes taught are very different from each other. They are built to compliment each other.

The work is progressive and is highly focused. Out of respect for the actors we avoid visitors during class.

2. More information required from applicant?

In order for us to determine if the classes will benefit you, we need a bit more background as to your experience so far in theatre and/or Film.

3. Can I join for separate courses?

Most of our courses can be taken separately, as well as in a package with other courses. 
On our website you will find the dates and the prices for all the courses offered at this moment on our News page.

4. I need a Visa, can you help?

The Mulholland Academy does not have the authority to help out with Visa requests. Please contact your embassy regarding all Visa related questions.

5. Will I get a diploma?

We are are private registered vocational Institute.
After one year of study we award our students with a certificate upon request.

6. Confirmed place in a class after paying a deposit?

Once the deposit is made your place is secure and further toward the begin date of the classes you will receive all final details

7. Can I get financial assistance for the courses?

We do not provide any financial assistance or information on funding bodies. If you are coming from a different country we advise you to contact your embassy to give you this information

8. For tax purposes, can I claim back BTW Tax?

No. We are a BTW exempt educational institute.
Our course fees do not charge BTW (also known as VAT in UK, TVA in France, general is a sales tax

9. Can you please send me the invoice for the course I did for tax purposes? 

If you paid through the website, the payment receipt you received by email is your invoice. If you paid by other means please email us a request for an invoice

10. Do I have to do any ‘homework’?

Your homework depends largely on how much you want to learn.

You will be guided toward reading, and offered reading material.

A student must however, put aside at least one hour per day for line-learning if you are given a script or working toward a scene night.

For the Strasberg class –  the ‘sense memory exercises’ can be done on the spot. Of course, it would be helpful to practice some of them at home, but that doesn’t take more then 15 minutes. We do promote the idea that students are reading plays and falling love with playwrights

11. Do I get a discount as a returning student?

Yes we offer €50 discount on a class if you are returning.

If you are taking two or more classes €50 off each class after the first class.

12. How do I pay if I am offered a discount?

Go to the ‘payment page’ on the website, and select your desired class. There are two boxes, Registration Fee and Final Fee. Select both and an order will arrive in your mailbox. Pay into the bank account or by PayPal. And in the title of your transaction put the class you are attending and that you are a return student. Pay the full Registration Fee and adjust the Final Fee total by deducting the €50 discount.

13. I’m going to miss more than three classes, should I still do the course?

Most students miss one, two, or a maximum of three classes per series, but when it’s gets up to four, it is problematic! Best to wait until you can commit fully. Missing classes impacts on your growth, your teacher’s rhythm, and if you have a scene partner, you let them down by not being present for rehearsals. We really prefer you not to miss a class (and you do not get a refund for missed classes)

14. I’m going to miss a class. Can I do a make-it-up with a class on another day?

It’s possible to miss a class and then make-it-up on another day, but we don’t recommend it as it disturbs the Tutors teaching process and the other students in your class when you miss the class. You can do it once once per course. 

15. How old do I have to be to join your classes?

Our admission age for student’s age is 18 years old.
Although we have had students as young as 15 years of age – this is an exception for students who come to us with years of performance experience under their belt already. So we do make exceptions. And we must always have the consent of parents. Any student under the age of 20 years, we ask for parental consent. We have had students older than 80 in our classes.

16. I’m quite new to acting, and have done a few classes elsewhere, will I be experienced enough to do these classes?

Great you want to go deeper into the craft of acting.
Our classes are a mix of experiences and levels. We do guide new students to our beginner’s class.  Saying that, we do like our students to have some background in performance

17. Thank you for accepting me into the class. How do I pay the class fee?

Please follow this link to the payments page.

If you are registering with less than 5 weeks before classes begin you MUST pay for both the registration and final fee.

18. What the difference between the Meisner Technique and Strasberg?

Strasberg and Meisner are both such excellent studies, each with their unique entrances into the craft for the actor. Meisner is very much about spontaneity and working from impulse, and from the impulse your scene partner sends you. Strasberg is much more measured and more about being in control of your emotions. Sometimes saying very different things but equally working toward the same goal… finding your authenticity.

19. Is it possible to pay in instalments?

Yes, we do offer a payment plan for students.

After the Registration Fee is paid to secure your place!

We offer the opportunity for students to pay in terms over the course (usually three months), we ask that one payment is made each month.

You must let us know the date we can expect payment, so we can budget.

Making sure the final payment is done one week before the final class

20. I am coming from overseas, can I have a ‘brochure’?

Our website is our ‘brochure’. Our classes are constantly changing and being updated as we add more classes throughout the year.

21. Can you help me find accommodation in Amsterdam?

We do not offer or help students with Accommodation.

There are websites and Facebook pages where potential students can access to try to secure themselves a room in an apartment or student accommodation. We can help by guiding you toward those sites once you have been accepted into classes. 

22. I want a full year of classes, what do you offer?

If you look at the website and read how we work, you will see, our classes are very much a ‘menu’ of classes to choose from. 

We do offer ‘packages’ giving the student the best solutions to their education based on what we believe is a good solid grounding to launch them into their careers.

23. I want to work on other projects outside of class while I study with you.

We like our students to give themselves a good solid year of foundation training before working on projects outside of school. 

24. Any other questions? 

please email us 🙂