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Teacher André Landzaat writes about the classes.

The Lee Strasberg method acting technique focuses on the inner significance and not the outward appearance.  You will learn how to use your knowledge of human psychology.  It will help you to discover your inner self and you will learn how to control your emotions.  You will discover how to go deeper with your emotional freedom and imagination.  You will find true life and honesty on stage and in front of the camera.  Not will you only grow as an actor, but also as a person.  Lee’s technique has been proven successfully by many great actors who have received Academy Awards.

Strasberg 1

Trimester 1

The first 12 weeks you will work on relaxation exercises, where you will release the mental and physical tension from your body.  You will learn how to control your muscles and lessens your nervous tension, so that it won’t stand in the way of your performances.
Then you will go on to sense memory exercises using all five senses and where you will awaken the mind and stimulate the imagination.  Sensory reality will create true emotions and true concentration.
You will learn how to synchronize the voice with the body, how to get rid of inhibitions and to be spontaneous through the “Song and Dance Exercise.”
You will work on improvisation, which will help you to study the process of intention.  How to connect with your partner, how to listen, how you develop a sense of first time speaking and how to be spontaneous.  You will work on a monologue and possibly voice articulation.

Package  5. Trimester 1+2.

Jan – July. If you choose to sign up for both trimester 1 and 2. we offer a  discount of 100 euros per class. 

Please advise via email and we will send further details.


Wednesdays: 23rd Jan – 10th April
12 weeks.
3 hours – 7pm to 10pm

Hours: 36     Price: 950

Thursdays: 24th Jan – 11th April
12 weeks
3 hours – 7pm to 10pm

Hours: 36    Price: €950

Saturdays: 26th – Jan – 13th April
12 weeks
4 hours – 12noon to 4pm

Hours: 48    Price: €1200

Strasberg 2

Trimester 2

The following 10 weeks you will continue and strengthen with the relaxation and sense memory exercises including an emotional memory.  An emotional memory is a key to unlock your secret to your creativity.  You will go deeper into yourself and it will set you free.  You will work on a private moment, (possibly looked at in the first sessions as well), animal exercises for character study .  Again possibly voice articulation and then hopefully you will bring all this work beautifully together in your scene study.

Wednesdays: 8th May – 10th July
10 weeks
3 hours – 7pm – 10pm

Hours: 30    Price: €800

Thursdays: 9th May – 11th July
10 weeks
3 hours – 7pm – 10pm

Hours: 30    Price: €800

Saturdays: 11th May – 6th July
9 weeks
4 hours – 12noon – 4pm

Hours: 36    Price: €950

These classes are for beginners, intermediate, advanced students, and professionals in the industry.

We will be working toward a stage performance or a filming of scenes in each Trimester.

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For the past 40 years, André has worked as an actor in Los Angeles and New York. He has worked this last 20 years for the Actors Studio and the Lee Strasberg Institute. He is one of their most respected teachers. André is native Dutch born and we welcome him home, and are honoured to have him work with us.    Read more about André.