Directing the Actor

Directing the Actor

A Workshop for Emerging Directors

The art of communicating with actors is the most powerful advantage a film director can have, and it may be the most neglected skill in today’s director skill set.

Our Directing the Actor workshop is designed to be immensely practical, conditioning, and giving the emerging director a chance to exercise the notions, the techniques, and the tools they need to get the actor to perform at their peak.

This workshop takes as a mission the goal of getting directors well on their way to learning to communicate with complex, very human actors, transmitting very human stories, to a very human audience in search of a view of humanity.
The directors will experiment and experience the core actor techniques themselves in a variety of classic acting exercises and improvisations.

And then, each class session focuses the director on understanding and then developing, experientially, a toolkit to motivate the actor by utilising those universal, playable actor techniques.

In addition to numerous short-form assignments for presentation in class, the end of our work cycle will have each director preparing, rehearsing, and then filming a full scene with assigned actors.

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