Mulholland Academy

Acting for the Camera

Act for Camera for Intermediate & Advanced

In today’s film world, you never want to be caught “acting.” To work professionally in the best of film and television world, you must, for each and every take on film get an audience to believe “you are who you say you are.”

Intermediate – some training and Advanced actors.

This course has been designed to give each student specific tools to meet the demands of working on camera. This class, with exercises, will explore the differences between acting on stage and acting for the camera.

The class moves briskly, offering perspective and written support information, but prioritizing on on-camera improvisational and text exercises that speak to the realistic/naturalistic acting challenges that are demanded of you by world class film and television work.

We will cover such concepts as eyeline, hitting marks, cheating, shot size and scale of performance with a master shot, a medium, and close-ups, plus behavioral continuity, subtext, and script analysis. All students will work on camera in each and every class. Specifically devised scenarios and improvised scenes will be used to put the on-camera techniques to work. The workshop strives to condition actors to be precise, well read, and very, very relaxed take by take in front of the camera.

The exercises have at their core a basis in the principles of Stanislavski, Meisner technique, and Practical Aesthetics. All the shots done in class will have an acting objective as well as a technical film objective. Actors will work to prepare monologues for audition level taping. Assigned scenes with a partner will be worked and shot for camera.

This class is first and foremost an ACTING class. We are essentially reverse engineering classic, universal act technique to serve the best possible work on-camera for each of you.

       Alex Murphy, Acting for the Camera mentor.

5 hour class meetings.  Maximum class size: strictly 8 students.

Session 1: a 6 hour Intensive, Sunday November 1st, 1pm to 7pm.

Session 2: 6pm to 10pm.
Thursdays nights, November 5th to December 3rd.
6 weeks

An intermediate/Advanced level class.

Students: 8 maximum

PRICE: € 550.

Teacher: Alex Murphy


This class will be taught by Alex Murphy. As an actor Alex has performed in film and Television in the US, Europe, and in Asia. He has performed in over 40 plays in Asia, Europe, and the US-many in the Off-off Broadway circuit in New York City. Alex was the Sr Mentor for for 10 years for the full-time act program at the International Academy of Film and Television in Asia, and developed and implemented that program in Belgium, at IAFT Antwerp. Alex has taught at Film Act Paris, at Hakuna Academy in Belgium, and farm in Amsterdam. Read more about Alex Murphy.