Mulholland Academy

Act for Camera Series

Acting for Camera

For intermediate/advanced actors

     “In today’s film world, you never want to be caught “acting.” To work professionally today in the best film and television work, you must get an audience to believe “you are who you say you are.”

This advanced level of the Mulholland Act for Camera cycle will zero in hard on a foundation of truthfulness and supreme relaxation.  If you have taken the Introduction to Act for Camera already, or if you are a new student with some camera experience, this class is designed to take you deeper into pure act technique (Practical Aesthetics) and on-camera performance and technical challenges.

Behaving naturalistically, under the microscope that is the camera, is the goal. It is the demand made by film work today. This ethos is the backdrop for all exercises. Monologue, scene work, and objective-specific exercises are utilised to sharpen awareness, and then to advance the student’s working knowledge of technical requirements of acting for the camera. This class will run the actors through as many challenging shot set-ups as possible. Actors will be assigned text to prepare and bring to class. Near the end of the cycle short film scenes will be assigned to each actor, with a partner, to begin experimenting with the dynamics of recording a finished scene with a partner. Also, we will examine fundamentals of good audition technique for the camera, and then prepare and “mock” audition the actor for a functional sense of the casting process.

    “…the goal of the film actor is NOT to create a performance at all, but rather a reality to be recorded and shaped…” – Robert Benedetti. 

4 hour class meetings

Maximum class size: strictly 10 students.

Entry to this class will be by teacher recommendation from those who completed Act for Camera I via Mulholland Academy, or previous experience somewhere else if you are new to the studio. New students, please submit a resume if you wish to enrol at this level. Please email 

For intermediate/advanced actors only.
Saturdays 2pm – 6pm.
September 21st – October 24th.
6 weeks.

Act for Camera  – An Introduction

This introduction exposes the actor to the essential technical considerations that all film actors must contend with-it begins to make clear, with exercises, the differences between stage performance and camera performance. It zeros in on the necessity, on camera, for personalization of text.

Act for Camera – Part 2

This next advanced stage of Act for Camera takes the actor deeper into pure acting demands, shot by shot. It is here that we begin to drill down on listening to the other actor, “actions”, “objectives”, and the “given circumstances” of any moment on film, with exercises and some scene work.

Saturdays: March 23rd – May 18th.
8 Weeks.
4 hours – 3pm to 7pm.
Number of Students: maximum of 10.
Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

Hours: 32      Price: €900

Shooting Scenes for Reels /

with principles of Meisner Technique


Using Meisner text exercises, this class is essentially to zero in on the Meisner principle of “listening” to the other actor. We will jump right into rehearsing and preparing scene work for shoot for camera. Each actor will be featured in at least two scenes with an assigned scene partner, and, we will shoot at least one scene as a group. We will meet as a group for 2 of the 6 weeks to shoot material-during the other four weeks the actors will either be “on set” shooting, or rehearsing on their own with their partners to prepare for their next shoot day. 

Actors need to be ready and able to work a brisk shooting schedule, and make performance choices on their own. Indeed, there will be direction from the mentor on set and where we can fit it in during rehearsal process.
*This class will be made up of actors from the Advanced Meisner class, and additional, outside actors with some experience. New actors who are interested, please submit a brief note of your experience.

Saturdays: May 25th – June 29th.
6 Weeks.
4 hours – 3pm to 7pm.
Number of Students: maximum of 10.
Level: Advanced.

Hours: 24   Price: €700

Teacher: Alex Murphy

Alex-MurphyThis class is taught by Alex Murphy, an American actor, director and teacher. Alex appeared in the Canal +  films for lead and supporting roles:  Kiler, Mlode Wilki- Parts 1 and 2, and in a recurring role on the eastern European primetime series, Suckces. He has done over 40 plays, most of them in New York City’s Off, and Off-Off Broadway theatre scene. Alex has worked with actors in the USA, Asia and Europe for a number of years. He has guest lectured at Film Act Paris in France, Teaterhøgskolen i Nord-Trøndelag in Norway, Hakuna Academy in Antwerp, and the International Academy of Film and Television in Antwerp, Belgium, The UP Film Institute at University of the Philippines in Manila, and an And/Action Festival featured mentor in Steinkjer, Norway.   Read more about Alex Murphy.