WTF Shakespeare

Day 1: Histories Richard 2 & Richard 3.
Day 2: Comedies Much Ado About Nothing & As You Like it.
Day 3: Tragedies Macbeth & Hamlet.
Day 4: Romances The Tempest & Pericles.
Day 5: Sonnets & Poems.

You will be working 5 hours a day. And learn each day about Shakespeare through two of his plays, the characters, their relationships, and the stories.

They will be introduced to the language through insults, we will NOT be deep-diving into poetry or poetic language. That’s a whole other workshop.

Daily we’ll start with a vocal warm up.
Then move onto some insults.
Followed by looking at the selected plays and the conflicts between their characters & relationships.
Each day ends students being cast and making performances of the plays in synopsis form.

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Acting for the Camera

In todays film world, you never want to be caught “acting.” The goal, always, when the camera rolls – you must get an audience to believe “you are who you say you are.”

Our six days together will take, as its primary goal, the great and perhaps the most useful notion in “on-camera” work: of building a “new version of me” for each and every second that the camera rolls. “Personalization” of any and all role playing on-camera is the technique notion of our time, and we will go after that. It is the demand made by all the best film work today.

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MA Testimonials page


TESTIMONIALS My experience at Mulholland has gone above and beyond all my greatest expectations. Every teacher was exceptional in their field of expertise, and all of them taught, challenged, and motivated me each in their own different way. Throughout my year in the International Foundational Program, I was pushed to not only be a better

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David Corbett

David Corbett

David Corbett David Corbett is a professional actor and acting teacher.David studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York.He has worked as an actor for 25 years, on stage, TV and film.In New York, London, Los Angeles and Amsterdam.He has studied different acting methods and techniques, improvisation, meditation, dance and movement.He has been

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Tony Grahn

Tony Grahn Born 1960 in Sweden, Tony started working as a professional actor 1986. He graduated from The Swedish National Acting Academy in sweden 1991. Tony began directing theatre in 1992 and entered a one year post graduate Directing Training at Drama Studio London 1995. After this training, he directed number of productions in London.

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Kiki Hohnen

Kiki Hohnen Kiki has taught improv for over a decade, both as an improv coach and as a corporate trainer for Amsterdam’s Boom Chicago. A trained psychologist, she enjoys using psychological theory to build 3 dimensional characters, and gets a kick at seeing students bring these characters to life. Kiki performs with her partner in

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