Our Summer School program is about to begin! 

Summer School: 28th July – 12thAugust

We invite you to register now for our Summer School.

Summer School – Scriptwriting 1.-  Scriptwriting 2. – Acting.

Our teachers are…

Screenwriting. Nick Bain.

Movement. William Dashwood.

Film acting. Andre Landzaat.

Filmmaking director. Samuel Sheffield. You can view his work at


Mulholland Academy 2018 Class details and timetable.

We are excited to work again this year with past and new students from all corners of our world.
We have created an ‘a la carte menu’ series of classes that complement each other for the student to choose from.
No classes overlap.
If a student chooses to take all classes over one year… they will have received a good solid foundation in acting.

Each class has a maximum of us to 10-12 students.
Classes do fill up fast, so please don’t delay in registering.
If you have any questions… please feel free to ask.

Best wishes,
Deb, Robert and Guus.

Term dates

Term 1                          16th Jan – 22nd April
Term 2                           16th May – 29th July
Summer School            28th July – 12th August
Term 3                          10th Sept – 9th Dec


Annual Program

Meisner Technique
On-Camera /Scene study
The Physical Actor
International Summer School  – screenwriting, acting for the screen, film-making
Meisner and Acting On Camera – two weekend Intensive
Below are more detailed descriptions of content, dates, duration, times of each class and class fees.



“Strasberg said.. “Method Acting” is nothing new, but rather as old as Western Civilisation itself. For centuries, cultures used different words and phrases to describe “good” acting: Romantic Acting, Emotional Acting, Divine Inspiration, The Muses, Feeling the Role. These terms merely described an organic process of creativity that talented actors used, often times unconsciously, to accomplish what audiences experienced as a moving performance. This was the (re) experiencing of life by the actor within the fiction of the story as if it were true and happening now. Aristotle said that the secret to moving the passions in others is to be moved oneself, and that moving oneself is made possible by bringing to the fore “visions” of experiences from life that are no longer present. Aristotle was stating the core principle of The Lee Strasberg Method™ — the creative play of the affective memory in the actor’s imagination as the foundation for (re) experiencing on stage.

This idea was first called the ‘System’ by Konstantin Stanislavsky, and later, as further developed by Lee Strasberg (at the Group Theatre, the Actors Studio and then at the Institute). The Lee Strasberg Method™ trains actors to use their imagination, senses and emotions to conceive of characters with unique and original behaviour, creating performances grounded in the human truth of the moment.” 

Classes run for 10 weeks.

Wednesday    7pm – 10pm.       Begin date  16th May    End date 18th July
Thursday   7pm – 10pm.       Begin date  17th May     End date 19th July
Saturday  2pm – 6pm.    Begin date  19th May   End date 21st July


The Physical Actor

The course consists of 3 x 6.5 hour classes.

The goal is to provide a solid basis of performance tools and skills for the physical actor. Although we often consider the actors speech to be paramount it is the body, in posture and movement that expresses the bulk of non-verbal communication Each four-hour class will include a warm up, physical technique and improvisation. Using the technique of mime corporel as a basis for physical expression, William adapts this technique to include the physical expression of emotions, breathing, sound and the rule of three. Improvisation will be individual and group work. There is an apparent contradiction that if we want to be taken seriously we have to be prepared to take the risk to be ridiculous. William encourages students to be absurd as well as melodramatic. In this way laughter becomes a path to greater understanding and expressive freedom. Life is a lot easier when you stop taking yourself too seriously.

Start date. July – dates. 1st, 8th and 15th. 
Each Sunday  10am – 4.30pm


Summer School

International screenwriting, screen acting, and movie-making Intensive.

Three weekends, two full time weeks.
The first week is screen actor training and screenwriting.
The second week is turning week one’s scripts into short movies.

Dates: 28th July – 12th August

Options (if you don’t want to take the full course)

Screenwriting 1 –  A two-day full-time Intensive July 28th & 29th

Screenwriting 2 – A two-day full time Intensive (i.e. “Screenwriting1”) plus week one of Summer School. So – two days and (five days – 3 hours per day). Working toward creating scripts to be shot in week two of the Summer school Intensive.

Acting only – Two weeks. First week:  Physical and Strasberg training. Second week: working in front of the camera on short movies written in the first week.


We are now open for registration.

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Courses & Classes Fees: May – August 2018

Strasberg Technique Acting.Evening classes
(Weds or Thurs)
10 week seriesMay - July€700
Strasberg Technique Acting.Weekend Classes
10 week seriesMay - July€850
The Physical Actor Weekend Classes3 weekend daysMay - June€550
Summer SchoolThree weekends, two full-time weeksJuly£1,550
Summer School - Screenwriting 1A two-day full-time IntensiveJuly 28th & 29th€400
Summer School - Screenwriting 2A two day full time Intensive (i.e. "Screenwriting1")
plus week one of Summer School.
So - two days and (five days - 3 hours per day).
Working toward creating scripts to be shot in
week two of the Summer school Intensive.
7 days
July 28th - August 3rd
Summer School - ActingTwo weeks. First week: Physical and Strasberg training. Second week: working in front of the camera on short movies written in the first week.€750
Meisner and Acting On-CameraTwo weekend Intensive September - December€675



Class Fees

There is a registration fee for each class to secure your place. Please take the registration fee off the final fee amount.

Pay for a course or classes  here


Students are welcome to combine these classes, or attend any one of them.

We design our classes to work hand in hand, giving our students a good solid foundation and keep the work challenging enough for returning students, and for those wanting to carry on their training.

For more information on class content or teachers please browse the menu on the right of this page/or below (depends on your screen size)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

We look forward to seeing you in class.

Kindest wishes