The Physical Actor

The Physical Actor


The Physical Actor

In 2018 we offer two or three classes throughout the year.

This Class is incorporated with the Masterclass in Performance course in our Sept – Dec program. More news on our news page.

We also offer Williams class as a ‘stand alone’ class during the year.. look on the ‘News page’ to see if his class is scheduled in the near future.

Essential class for developing the Actor’s core skills.

A foundation in grounding and strengthening the actor’s physical instrument with voice, mime, mask, movement, improvisation, working on text and devising their own work.

This class is for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

A practice based training.

Performance Course with William Dashwood


Performance Course/ Spring 2018


The course consists of 10 x 4 hour classes. The goal is to provide a solid basis of performance tools and skills for the physical actor. Although we often consider the actors speech to be paramount it is the body, in posture, and movement, that expresses the bulk of non-verbal communication

Each four-hour class will include a warm up, physical technique and improvisation.

Using the technique of mime corporel as a basis for physical expression, William adapts this technique to include the physical expression of emotions, breathing, sound and the rule of three. Improvisation will be individual and group work.

There is an apparent contradiction that if we want to be taken seriously we have to be prepared to take the risk to be ridiculous. William encourages students to be absurd as well as melodramatic. In this way laughter becomes a path to greater understanding and expressive freedom.

Life is a lot easier when you stop taking yourself too seriously.

William Dashwood has been teaching mime and dramatic movement for more than 35 years. His enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and his workshops are full of humour whilst communicating clear and achievable tools for expression. His approach to this serious subject is light-hearted. He is a generous teacher with a desire to share his deep knowledge gained over many years of experience.



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