Deb Mulholland, Director and Founder of The Mulholland Acting & Film Academy

Originally from New Zealand, Deb moved to Europe some 30 years ago to study theatre. Her journey has taken her all over the world, studying and creating theatre along the way.

She recently moved back to her home country New Zealand. She supports the management of the Academy from there. She is so thankful to have two incredible friends and colleagues Robert Hersee, and Guus  Kammen, looking after the Academy whilst she is away. And as a testament to her more than 20 years working to bring the best acting techniques and tutors to the International acting community in Amsterdam, she is honoured to have a world class team of tutors looking after her students in Amsterdam.

Debby trained in Improvisation in London, in the 1980’s, she fell in love with ‘Physical theatre’ and moving to Paris to study at the famous ‘Jacques Lecoq’ school in Paris. She believes the principles of  Lecoq’s philosophy, ‘a student is an artist on stage and must make their own work’. He gave her the confidence, the ability and the drive to put this into practice. Her belief  in community and in keeping talent together was also forged in Paris… ‘being thrown into a melting pot of ages, talent, nationalities.. you learnt to create theatre from nothing in a pressure cooker of time’.

She loves the combination of solid American techniques like the Strasberg and Meisner techniques, married with the European physical performer study.

She believes to be a good rounded solid actor, a student must study these techniques, together.

Debby is well-known for creating unique theatre, innovative shows, concepts and initiatives. She is an actress, comedian, director, teacher, and producer.

Deb supports individuals in their creative journey, forges new companies, and enriches the international Amsterdam theatre and film community.

Deb Mulholland has created a school of excellence in the Amsterdam arts community.

Larry Wilson

Larry Wilson


Has been successfully writing and selling screenplays for 30 years.  Is a working writer, with iconic hits like Beetlejuice and The Addams Family in his resume.

The animated version of The Little Vampire (from his screenplay) is now in worldwide release.

And he is currently writing a new animated movie, Ainbo, and a Broadway musical version of Beetlejuice is opening in October 2018.

Larry was a Creative Executive at Paramount Pictures, working directly with Jeff Katzenberg, the former president of Disney Pictures and founder of DreamWorks.  He has worked with great writer/directors like James Cameron, Kathryn Bigelow and of course, Tim Burton.  And was also a story analyst for every major studio in Hollywood, reading hundreds of scripts.

Larry taught script writing, script analysis and his speciality, Horror & Fantasy for 30 years at the University of California Los Angeles Extension Program.  He has also taught dozens of private workshops.

What’s unique about his experience is that he’s worked successfully on “both sides of the desk”.  He can help you write your best screenplay and also help you understand how to sell it.  And how to market your screenplay and yourself.



Andre Landzaat


andre_landzaat   We are thrilled and proud to announce we will be working with Andre Landzaat.

For the past 40 years, Andre has worked as an actor in Los Angeles and New York. He has worked this last 20 years for the Actors Studio and the Lee Strasberg Institute. He is one of their most respected teachers.
Andre is native Dutch born and we welcome him home, and are honoured to have him work with us.

Andre is an excellent teacher, and mentor.

Everyone who studies with him makes vast improvement. He has the ability to find the actor’s adventurous spirit and helps free their creative instincts.
by Martin Landau, Academy Award winner for Bela Lugosi in “Ed Wood.”

Andre Landzaat worked with Lee Strasberg himself at his private classes at Carnegie Hall in New York City. He is a lifetime member of the Actors Studio, where he shared work with Shelley Winters, Robert de Niro and Al Pacino. Other teachers he learned from included Ives Furet in Paris, Peggy Feury and Warren Robertson in New York. He is also a member of Theatre West where he attended the musical workshop with his good friend Betty Garrett.

At the Actors Studio he worked on a documentary of Maximilian Schell, where he played Rolfe in “Judgment at Nuremberg.” He taught method acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute and conducted Master Classes in many cities throughout Europe. He appears in a documentary “Don’t Talk About The Method,” by Robert Alan Ackerman and a documentary by Nima Ameli called, “What Is Method Acting Really About.”

He received a Soap Opera Award for portraying the character of Tony Cassadine on “General Hospital.”


Alex Murphy

Is an American, has acted, directed, and taught in the US, Asia, and Europe for a number of years. He began his performing life doing more than 20 productions in the Off-Off Broadway theatre scene in New York City, then went on to do feature films and a prime-time TV series in Europe. He has continued to stay active in performance with numerous short films in Asia, and playing the lead role in a full length play in 2013-Alex is working on a revival of that play in Belgium at the moment. In just the last 18 months he has been a guest teacher in Paris, Norway, Manila, and Antwerp. Alex has a BA in Theatre from USF and later studied Meisner technique at the Obie Award winning Ensemble Studio Theatre in New York City, where he lived and performed for over 20 years.


William Dashwood

Studied mime corporel with Étienne Decroux in Paris. For the last 30 years he has performed, directed and taught for theatre, film and television. His work has taken him as far afield as Alaska and the National Theatre of Taiwan. He has worked as a puppeteer for Theatre Terra, with animators at NIAF and in 3-D animation with Café de Wereld and Sprookjesboom. In the summer of 2009 he received critical acclaim for his performance of ‘The Old Man and the Sea’ in the IJ Festival, Amsterdam. He teaches mime corporel in the Mime Department of the Theatre School in Amsterdam.

Previous Staff

Jacqueline McClintock

2012… A bitter-sweet year. In Sept 2012 we very sadly lost our beloved teacher,  friend, and mentor,  Jacqueline McClintock.

Jacqui became ill in October 2011, and we waited, and we prayed she would get better. She did not. This was a very difficult time for all who knew her. Jacqueline was paramount in the  formation of  the Mulholland Academy. We worked together all of 2009  for the opening of the studio’s full time year of 2010. She working tirelessly in shaping the program, and she flew over from Canada every chance she got in theses formative years, working with us intensely on the Meisner technique. She took us to heights of learning none of us ever imagined, and took us to a different level of acting and performance. We had fun with her in Mallorca in the beginning of her ‘Meisner retreat programming’… working with her Canadian, German, and other European students there. It was incredible for us to have the experience of all of Jacqui’s worlds in one class. We met and forged new friendships. With that in mind we worked on a return of the program for 2012 in Italy. Jacqui worked hard to organize Italy, even though she was very ill. Up until a week before the retreat we were sure she would be with us. Then, we found she was too ill to travel. She sent in her place her beloved friend and assistant Trevor, who guided us and looked after us throughout the program. We are eternally grateful to Trevor for leaving Jacqui’s side to be with us at that time. Jacqui loved Amsterdam, and loved the students here. We miss her so very much, she is forever in our hearts. We would like to thank all those who  journeyed with us over those past years. I’m so glad you got to meet and work with Jacqui. We were blessed.

Obituary, Montreal Gazette

Nick Bain:

… trained at the University of Birmingham UK and has taught screenwriting to Masters level at the University of Greenwich since 2011. He has ten years of experience of the film and theatre worlds, from Bollywood and Nollywood to the far eastern and UK systems and has developed script projects with Weinstein Co, Pressman Films and Essential Film and Media.

Nick’s recent credits include British thriller ‘The List’, (2013) and his first big budget Hollywood Feature film ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’ (2015, script editor and Associate producer) is soon to be released in cinemas worldwide, starring Oscar winner Jeremy Irons and BAFTA nominee Stephen Fry. His next film ‘What’s Going On’ was announced at Cannes this year and he is currently under commission for the screen adaptation of ‘What She Wants’ by International number one bestseller Cathy Kelly.